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Testimonials: Testimonials


Testimonials: Testimonials


Matt Brossard

Paris is just so damn good at what he does. His experience, athletic achievements and certifications combine with strong personal skills to deliver excellent value to clients. He stays organized and maintains excellent continuance between sessions. He is respectful of the right development pace for each client. Most important of all he is invested in the success of the people he trains with. I spent a year learning powerlifting techniques with Paris and it’s the single best investment I have made in myself. I feel healthier, stronger and more motivated to challenge myself.


Braden Mcgrath

"Paris has been pivotal to my fitness growth over the many years we have trained together. He has ingrained in me the importance of consistency, training smarter, proper programming and mobility. All things that have hugely impacted my life and training."


Ryan Mcdonald

Paris has been a pleasure to train with. Whenever I have any questions, he always answers thoughtfully and goes out of his way to make sure I understand. He was able to tailor my workouts to accommodate my lower back problems and give me preventative exercises and tips that have helped tremendously. I'm in the best shape I've ever been in, and I have Paris to thank for that!


Laura Van Buskrik

Paris has been my Personal Trainer for over a year now with progressive and fun workouts. He is extremely knowledgeable, friendly and encouraging and knows how to push me just the right amount. I’ve gained a considerable amount of physical strength since working with Paris. Always professional, working me to just the right level that I wouldn’t do on my own. ... I went from having chronic back pain and not being able to move properly for at least a few days a month to noticing significant reduction in back pain within the first few months of personal training. I can honestly say I never have back trouble now.


Stephen Tredger

When I started working with Paris I had been going to the gym on my own for a while but was never really progressing towards my fitness goals. After just a few months working together my mobility had greatly improved and I was feeling confident about my lifts and technique. Now with Paris' help I've been able to deadlift, squat, and throw overhead more than I thought I was capable of, and best of all injury free!

Testimonials: Testimonials
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