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No Equipment, No Gym Membership, No Confusing And Painful Workouts Just Results


What You Get?

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Science Based diet/lifestyle guide designed to get you lean and ripped

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17 Full weeks of at-home workouts

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3 Full body workouts per week

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Zero workout equipment is needed to follow the program and get amazing results

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Full instructional videos for each exercise so you know exactly what to do

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2 Levels of Programs making this program perfect for complete fitness beginners and those with some experience working out


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Paris Demers

I am Paris Demers, a personal trainer, Online Coach, and Fitness Youtuber. When I started my fitness journey 12 years ago, I had to spend hours searching the internet and getting advice from others on training, all to get mixed results. It was a discouraging start to my transformation journey. That’s why for the past decade, I’ve been studying the science of how to transform people's bodies, and I’ve put that knowledge to work by helping hundreds of people achieve their fitness goals!

Now I’ve taken all that experience and combined it with the latest science to create this at-home training program! This program is exactly what I needed when I was starting my fitness journey, so I know it will be able to help people who are early on in their journey.

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Before And After

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Frequently Asked Questions

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No Equipment, No Gym Membership, No Confusing And Painful Workouts Just Results

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